JustLook is a biometric face recognition technology based facial identification system.
Biometric time attendance system gives easy management for attendance management system.


Time Attendance System

In the area of biometrics, time attendance system is an application that is used to keep track of the employees in the firm. No matter whether you are working in a small firm or a large organization, our Biometric Time Attendance System can be used in all the places. This application is based on no human touch technology that means people do not have to touch the device in order to mark the presence. Time management can be easy now and can help in bringing HRM solution.

How to Use?

Installing the face recognition time attendance system is not enough. In order to get service, the employee has to register. It is done when the application stores the necessary facial biometrics into the database when the employee just sees into the camera. Once the person gets enrolled his/her identity can be verified for time attendance purpose as and when required.

Better than Before!

Our biometric time attendance system helps you to get rid off the conventional process, where a person used to maintain the large volume of data manually serving all the employees in a firm. Our application stores all the data electronically so that it could be retrieved anytime when required. Also this system is better than widely used Fingerprint based devices where the major drawback faced is the physical damages

Other Benefits:

Our time attendance application solves many problems which you used to face while using the conventional method of recording employee's presence by manual or other time punching devices. When dealing with the JustLook time attendance system, then you are benefited numerously:
  • Easy installation process, since this a software based solution therefore one need not to spend extra for getting the costly hardware devices.
  • The employee arrival and departure time is recorded by capturing the live face of the employee in the premise. By this it reduces fraudulence activities.
  • It is very efficient in managing large amount of data as it occupies only 2.3 kilobytes of the total memory space for storing the facial details of an individual
  • One can retrieve the data anytime when required, data are managed at the server so anytime can be accessed.
  • A cost effective biometric solution to handle the security of your premise as it requires very less maintenance compared to other security devices.

Payroll Application with Time Attendance System :

The Time Attendance System is used to track the timings of the individual in a premise. Those collected details are used to calculate the overtime shift done by the employee, leave calculation of the employees, wages computation, assignment of staffs etc. which in turn helps the human resource department of the organization to manage their work efficiently. Earlier all the individual details used to be obtained manually which used to create burden over the HR staffs but our payroll application has now reduced the workload in a greater extent and automated all the calculations. Using the application accuracy and efficiency has been achieved to an optimum level.

Benefits of JustLook Face Recognition based Time Attendance System

  • Fastest and safest method of tracking employee time and attendance.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Cost saving and convenient way of time tracking.
  • Provide easy and efficient way of recording attendance.
  • Easily manage employee time and attendance profiles.
  • Get rid of buddy punching.
  • Also manage employee payroll record.
  • On-demand time attendance record for reference.
  • Easily customizable as per your requirement.
JustLook face recognition device provides cost savings and convenient way for employee time attendance solution. There is no need of employee badges with biometric face recognition system. Employees can simply go in/out without having any physical touch. Issues like lost or misplaced employee badges are gone and the cost and misuse of badges by employee buddy is eliminated!